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The iPolandball Imperium was the unofficial name for the community organization under Emperorball. It's leadership consisted of Emperorball as its leader with the Emperor's Body, a group of advisers with special jobs and privileges and jobs to perform, one of which was keeping the Honor Guard compliant with the rules of the server. The Honor Guard was a moderation team made up of individuals appointed by Emperorball and the Emperor's body with the purpose of performing normal moderation and enforcing the servers rules. The Imperium was perhaps the most controversial iPolandball organization since the Kik Revolt, with two rebellions lasting for a total of 5 months out of the server's almost 11 month existence, and with many of Emperor's own staff not agreeing with many choices he made. Some went as far as to start plotting against him.

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Emperorball, formerly CISBall who lead the community from August of 2016 to February of 2017, reinserted himself into community affairs on January 23, 2019, during a point of major stagnation inside the community. In the Old iPolandball Consulate, the community entered a period of extended inactivity. The server had roughly 25 members at the time of Emperorball's arrival, including those who were almost totally inactive. This group of inactives made up a majority of the 25 members and, for all intents and purposes, the server was dead for most weeks until a small handful of members came together to play games online.

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