After CISball went inactive During the SWA Crisis, GreenFinlandball took up the mantle of defending iPolandball during this time. Through doing so, he basically took up the role as head of the community. He had formed a new iPolandball chats with more active people and brought more members to the community. His leadership was essential to beating back the SWA.

Pre War Events

In the months since the end of the SWA War, things had gone mostly peaceful. The first things to go wrong were when GreenFinlandball began abusing his admin powers. It started in late July when Green began enforcing Catholic views on the whole community. Those who did not comply would be kicked temperarly and, despite protest from many members it continued for weeks. More trouble arrived when a user named FurryCanadaBall joined the community. To most, a furry themed Polandball was unacceptable but Green would use his power to defend him. A group called The Anti Furry League was founded by Slovakiaball as a protest to this. When more and more people began calling Green out, he proceded to kick more people. After this, famed community veteran of the Polandball-Furry War, 2ndReichBall joined the Anti Furry League and soon took up its leadership position and prepared to take action.

War Breaks Out

The first Confrontation took place on the Afternoon of the 1st of August of 2017. 2ndReichball first confronted GreenFinlandball, demanding that he cease his power abuses and ban FurryCanadaBall. He Refused and kicked him from the chat. The first engagements were done on Kik on the 1st and 2nd of August. In the later days it would be fought in the tags on iFunny and in comment sections. It is likely Green could have succeded in calling in his allies in his CATT, but they were reluctant to join in a inter-iPolandball dispute. Being out numbered in comments and

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